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Friday, November 30, 2012
On this rainy Friday I woke up feeling sick, so I called in sick and spent the morning in bed. I'm feeling a little better now thankfully. Since going back to work after Thanksgiving break I have taken it upon myself to be the "sick monitor" of the kids. This is the time of the year that their little germies seem to multiply and everyone gets sick! Therefore I keep a thermometer (and sanitizer) handy and when I hear the words "I don't feel good" I am on it! Seems as though hand sanitizer backed by thorough hand washing was not as effective as I had hoped. But I really don't find being stuck inside on rainiest day of the season so far is such a bad thing.

Aside from feeling sick, my pregnancy app reminded me this morning that I have just 104 days to go! YAY!! I am feeling good most days, today is an exception. I have a lot of energy and an amazing appetite. Baby is healthy and quite the mover! I am convinced he is an acrobat! My belly "popped" about 2 weeks ago (I've been told) and a lot of people started feeling comfortable to ask if I am expecting. 

While that seems like a long time it really isn't. It is only 15 weeks or about 4 months. In that amount of time we have a lot to do! 

The nursery is currently our guest bedroom and is under construction while the new baseboards go in. My husband and I have already purchased the crib and glider, as well as an infant car seat set. My mom  has started sewing the bedding. I am feeling really good about the progress but eager to get started putting it all together. This weekend we are going to add a chair rail to the walls and paint! Then hopefully we can get started assembling the crib and glider, and slowly adding more furniture.

For the next 104 days we are making it our mission to enjoy everyday, since they will be the last 104 days of just "the two of us" for a long time and that is perfectly OK with us :)

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