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Sunday, December 30, 2012
Last night I had a less than wonderful night of sleep...boo hoo, waaah me, no but seriously I did. I must have woke up about 10 times having to re-adjust until I could fall back asleep. Now I have had many women tell me that towards the end of their pregnancy they had to sleep with multiple pillows, I didn't think much of it and figured every woman is different. For some reason I thought I was a lucky girl and could sleep soundly through the whole ten months. I have had a good ride for the past 7.5 months, I must say at times I don't even "feel pregnant". Now that my baby boy has become quite the mover at night I decided at 5AM to take their advice and this is what it has come to...

After I made myself a pillow cocoon I slept AMAZINGLY! (Don't mind my Christmas flannel sheets) I am so thankful for all the advice I have been given, whether I ever use it I know that in a given situation I might have a solution. I have been day dreaming about going back to sleep tonight because I know I will be nice and comfy. 

After seeing this picture I realize that I have left my husband barely any space, I hope that he isn't having the same sleep dilemma as me. Ok let me be honest if the pillow wasn't there I would be, I am sorta a bed hog :) 

Happy Sunday :)

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