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Thursday, January 03, 2013
I am one excited mama-to-be, when I started this blog about a month ago I was not sure what direction it would head in. I can totally see that a huge part of this blog is going to be about my baby boy and that includes the pre-baby stuff too. Well duh Ileana, this baby in me is a huge part of me literally! Be prepared to read lots more about baby because lately he is all that is on my mind, I can't wait to meet him in 10 weeks. 10 weeks WOW that is coming up fast :)

Today my husband and I ventured to Ikea once again with determination to grab the rest of the stuff for the nursery. I am so excited that we got the perfect rug for his room for HALF the price, true story! We spend like 20 minutes looking at all the rugs on the floor and couldn't find the right one. We wanted a round rug that was blue, not baby blue, not navy blue but this certain shade that would compliment his room perfectly. What that shade is exactly I can't say because I'm not even sure. Before we paid we decided to check the "as is" section, and there it was. I felt as though I heard the celebratory "aaaahhhhh" sound when I saw it, you know that sound right? So after inspecting the rug we found that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the rug, it was just the display...um hello new rug, you are so perfect for our sons room!

Just a little preview for you, keep in mind the rocker will not be there

Decorating is going to be so much fun, well it has been already. I already know how I want to decorate it is just a matter of going out and getting the stuff. I have been having a lot of fun using Photoshop and created a few pieces of art for the walls. My Mom has been sewing the bedding and it will all be done by my baby shower in just a few weeks.

The two diapers are in place...going to need a much bigger stash!

I was a little eager beaver and decided to just put something in the drawers so I could stop using his stroller as a dresser. I opened up the drawer organizers and put his two cloth diapers in :) That is a whole other journey I am embarking on and I am so excited. You can read about why I chose to cloth diaper here. I just cannot wait to be a mommy!!!

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8 comments on "Just Can't Wait!!"
  1. awww, I can't wait to see the finished product!

    1. Pretty soon :) I have to start going to TJ Maxx everyday on my lunch break to find the perfect items.

  2. Congrats!!! New Follower!


  3. so excited for you! you're just coming along :)
    i really like how you are organizing things

  4. how exciting!! I'm a new momma (baby girl is 13 weeks) and I remember feeling just like this!! new follower. can't wait to watch your family grow!!

    1. Thanks for reading and following :)


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