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Wednesday, January 16, 2013
I came across this link up today called "So What Wednesday" that is kinda the mood I am in today!

So what if....

  • I'm home sick again today just a week after returning back to work
  • I am literally counting down the days till maternity leave. As it stands I have 19 work days left :)
  • I'm slightly obsessed with my baby registry...My baby shower is 2 weeks away and I want to make sure I took off all the "what if" items. I have found some awesome blogs that have helped me add some must have's though :)
  • I LOVE taking pictures of my dog. Seriously between food and Ocean I don't have many other pictures on my phone. I need to work on that...
I love him!
  • I discovered that I was a "No-Reply" blogger until last night. Thanks to Mariel @ Living for His Glory I fixed it! 
  • I'm watching Four Weddings and kinda want to get married again or just renew my vows to get all dressed up again and have a reception
  • I just deleted 3 of my "so what if's"! 
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  1. Hey! I saw your comment on my blog and I wanted to reply but your email was disabled. So funny about your baby laying sideways too! I think she flipped(i'm 30 weeks now) and with some exercises/stretching as well as seeing a chiropractor I think we got her to flip the 'right' way :-)

    I am due the end of March, how about you? I'm your newest follower :-)


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