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Friday, February 15, 2013
Pinterest is seriously one of the best sites ever created! I can spend hours on here, seriously hours. I have the perfect home, awesome wardrobe, a fantastic collection of recipes and I am the organizing queen. Oh wait that's not really me, maybe a little bit me, but according to Pinterest thats me in a nutshell :) Our home renovation is nearing the end THANK GOODNESS! I have got rid of so much stuff and let me tell you, it feels good to throw stuff away. I have been stalking my favorite website for organizing ideas and came across these genius ideas....
I love an organized space, I cannot wait to start organizing my kitchen :) I didn't have a pantry before so I am pretty psyched to have one now! I have wanted to make a magnetic spice rack for a while, this might just be the right time. I am just itching to get started organizing, just a few more days! Ok back to pinning...

2 comments on "I HEART Pinterest"
  1. I absolutely love Pinterest too!!!!

    Btw- I love #'s 1 and 2... If I had a huge pantry I would definitely set it up like those...

  2. The magnetic spice rack sounds brilliant. I've seen the magnetic makeup holders and I want to try to make one so bad!


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