It's Wednesday, So What!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Linking up with Shannon @ Life After I Dew
This week I am saying so what to....
  • Getting really excited to wash clothes in the new laundry room last night even though we still don't have light in the room yet
  • Deciding not to fold those two loads until this morning
  • Some of those clothes are still sitting on my bed waiting to be put away
  • Attempting to watch Dowton Abby for like the 15th time and having to stop to do something else. I have not made it past the first 30 minutes of the first episode...
  • Feeling terrible about making Ocean and outside dog, I shed some tears. He mostly LOVES it, he is getting used to it which is hard on me.
  • I have given into all my cravings, there is only 2 weeks want it all too right??
  • I read a blog today and she had Chick Fil A and I was jealous, like actually jealous!
  • Staying up way too late last night playing with my new iPad from my husband (in place of folding clothes)...early gift for the mommy to be :)
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