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Saturday, February 23, 2013
When I think of February I think of love, valentines day certainly has a lot to do with that! While this holiday is highly commercialized it does cause us to stop and reflect on that special someone in our lives. We think about why we love them and our favorite things are about them. Before we got married someone told me not to marry someone you can live with, but someone you can't live without....

I feel that way about my husband, I am so blessed to be married to my best friend, my soulmate, my teammate and the love of my life. He still gives me butterflies and make my heart flutter when I haven't seen him all day. Even though we text throughout the day it is just not the same seeing him. 

Our home has been under construction for almost 4 weeks now and our son will be here in about 3 weeks. Our Pastor's did a marriage counseling session with us prior to getting married and one thing that I remember them saying is that some marriages do not survive construction projects. We laughed and thought no way. Now that we are in the midst of it all we see how it could actually be possible. We have shared some unhappy, frustrating, stressful, tearful...I am 9 months pregnant,  and just plain angry moments with each other in the last 4 weeks. We have spent a LOT of money and we aren't done paying for the rest of the project. That alone will cause a marriage to crumble. At the end of everyday we choose not to go to bed mad. We choose to say sorry and move on. 

Things have not always gone as planned but it truly has not made either one of us question our marriage. First off we applied for permits in August and didn't get the final approval until the end January leaving us less than 10 weeks before I am due. Ummmm yeah I have had my fair share of freak out moments that things weren't going to be done. Up until Thursday I hadn't finished washing all the baby clothes and blankets nor packed a hospital bag.  My husband kept telling me not to worry that it would all get done with plenty of time...and he was right! All the clothes are washed, organized in the drawer and the crib is all set up. 

I love this man more than ever! I have learned a lot of new things about him during this time and we have grown stronger! I truly cannot live without him. I am ready to start the next chapter with him, he is going to be an amazing father. I already know that I am going to fall in love all over again seeing him with our son. He mentioned the other day how he has seen me in all stages of my life, we have known each other for more than 20 years! From elementary school, then there was a gap when I was in middle school our families got busy and we didn't see each other. Picked up when I was graduating from high school, then our relationship started when I was in college and he saw me graduate. The next stage was getting married and now my journey into motherhood. I am glad I got to grow up with my best friend, may not have always been my best friend but he is now 

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