Please Excuse My Waddle

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Sunday, February 24, 2013
Yep, my waddling time has arrived! I have had a very easy pregnancy and don't have any horrific stories to share. My weight gain is pretty amazing considering it is only now reaching the 10 pound mark. I usually have a lot of energy and overall am loving this experience. Everyone kept saying just wait till you get closer to the end, things won't be the same...
They were absolutely right! After dinner I am pretty much uncomfortable for the rest of the night and strut a pregnant waddle around my house. I'm talking at times I got one arm swinging and one hand on my back. I understand that walk! Eating is sometimes a challenge, I am not stuffing my face and eating for two in fact it is quite the opposite. I just don't have room for food but I'm hungry! Heartburn is no joke these days. I hate Tums and hope that I don't need them after pregnancy! Now the issue of space is sorta a big deal I mean something as simple as standing up require a deep breath, I literally feel like I need momentum because my insides are being squished while trying to stand. I feel every single movement and every set of hiccups. I ask myself will I miss this???
As of now NO! I am ready to get this party started and I'm counting down every minute of my final 2.5 weeks. Every moment of discomfort, every Tum, the small bit of nausea, waddling, hormones that make me extra emotional and sleepless nights are so worth it! There is no experience like this in the world. I have not even seen my son yet and I am already in love. I love that he moves more when he hears music and his father's voice. I love that when a tiny foot or hand creates this mass on my belly and I push it he moves to another place as if playing a game with me. Most of all I love the sound of his heartbeat! 
I feel like I am waiting for Christmas morning to arrive with the anticipation of his arrival. 
Any day now buddy, any day. Mommy is ready!
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2 comments on "Please Excuse My Waddle"
  1. Found you from the link-up and this post makes me miss being pregnant! I hope your baby boy comes soon!

    1. Thanks Liz, me too :) How old is your baby? I am wondering when missing being pregnant will return.


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