Learning to Let Go

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Friday, June 14, 2013
I am a high energy, multi tasking, neat freak kinda girl. I have always been this way! When I start cleaning I do it all at once, minus laundry which I do almost daily, it takes me a while but I love having the house nice and clean always!!!! The kitchen being clean is a big one for me! I never leave dishes in the sink to be washed, and I have to put them away as soon as they are dry. I was cleaning up until 3 days before I gave birth so that when we came home my husband would just need to maintain things. Cleaning was a huge no-no it could slow down the healing process. My husband knows how I am and made sure I steered clear of the mop and broom and did all the cleaning.

That was the beginning of my learning to let go. There is no need to try to do everything in one day or all by myself. I drove myself crazy the day my husband went back to work I tried to be supermom and have the house clean and dinner ready when he got home. Notice that I said I drove myself crazy? I tried to do too much, with my sweet little guy just a couple weeks old. He didn't  doesn't like to be put down much so the swing and bouncer are good for like 5-10 minutes tops. I am insanely in love with holding him so it truly doesn't bother me :)

Instead of trying to everything now I've learned to let go a little, I'm still working on it! I had a small power struggle with having to do it all, and it was not settling with me well. I plan to do one maybe two chores a day while he naps. I cook dinner with him in the bouncer in the kitchen with me. Sometimes we have to take breaks and dinner is not made until after my husband gets home and I can honestly say I am OK with that!

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  1. This was sooo hard for me! I'm a natural cleaner myself and I've had to remind myself to take time with my girls and try to do that later-but then I feel like I fail at my 'job' so tough! I'm glad your getting then hang of things:)


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