MOMent 1- The Phantom Cry

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Monday, June 17, 2013
Imagine this: Baby is totally content just ate, fresh diaper, and you decide to take a shower...right in the middle of shampooing your hear you hear crying, and I'm not talking about a whining cry I'm taking about a full blown screaming cry. So you speed up your shower and finish in like 30 second, you may or maynot still have soap on you. There is baby happy as can be looking at you like what's wrong with her?!?!

What do I call this? The Phantom Cry! I didn't make the term up myself one of my friends in a mom's group I attend used it and I loved it! I am able to hear him crying in loud places or when I'm on the opposite side of the house clearly. There is something about your baby's cry, you just know it and hear it before anyone else.

After the rushed shower there is truly not much else to do but laugh. I'm realizing that showering while my husband is at work will never be the same again! I used to take long relaxing showers...they are all about efficiency now!! I'm not sure what it is about the shower that makes me think he is crying, because I haven't heard it any other time. Oh my I was never hearing cries to begin with :) Am I the only one who experiences this?
2 comments on "MOMent 1- The Phantom Cry"
  1. I'm not alone!!!! I totally still do this although its more of a toddler whine haha

  2. I totally get this! It happened to me a lot in the first few weeks and it's gotten better now! I remember it happening a lot the first couple days we brought her home, scared me to death! Even though my husband was always with her :)


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