My Life 5 Years From Now

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Sunday, June 30, 2013
When imagining what my life will be like 5 years from now the very first thought that comes to mind is I will have a 5 year old!! My natural reaction was a frown, this sweet baby boy that is currently fast asleep in his portable crib next to my bed will no longer be this small. He will be talking, running, eating solid food and getting ready for kindergarten in the fall. He will have his own opinion and favorite movie that we have seen like a bajillion times, my baby will be a big boy!

I say now that I will return back to work when little man can come with me at 2.5 years but I will probably still be a SAHM because he will definitely be a big brother by now. (Honestly I can think of a better job than raising my children.) I will be a Mom to two cuties!! One of whom may still be in this very portable crib next to my bed. And there is that silly dumb smile that I get when I think about my future kids! Maybe there will a daughter in my future, I would love a mini me but I am so OK being a Mom to boys :) 

In 5 years I will be in my 30's and my husband I will be celebrating 9 years of marriage, crazy! I would hope that all random projects from our renovation would be done by now, we have a running list of things to do. I hope to be driving the SUV that I've been drooling over and taking amazing road trips in it, hehe see my selling point??

5 years seems so far away but I know it will come faster than I think and want, I mean 4 years ago I got married how did that go by so fast? So until then I am going to cherish every second of every minute, every diaper change and tear fest of everyday because in 5 years it will all be different!

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2 comments on "My Life 5 Years From Now"
  1. just popping in from becky's blog linky... so funny the first thing we think of is how old our kids are going to be! LOL..
    I LOVE your blog simple but sweet.. did you have someone do it?

    1. LOL, it was seriously the very first thought that came to mind. Thank you so much, I actually designed it myself.


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