MOMent 2- The Revolving Diaper

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Monday, June 24, 2013
Oh my goodness I was not prepared for "The Revolving Diaper"! Maybe I missed other people talking about this or I simply forgot. I'm not talking about multiple diaper changes in one day, I'm talking about multiple changes in one changing session. After lots of sleep deprived nights and getting used to changing a newborn who hated having his diaper changed having to change a diaper back to back, to back, to back makes you feel slightly defeated!

The first time this happened to me I think I went through 3 or 4 diapers. I remember just looking at little man thinking what just happened. Over the course of like a week or two it happened all the time. We just couldn't get the timing right! It became slightly funny untilI was ordering diapers at a rapid speed. Diapers add up when your going through 15+ a day! I am not the type to leave him dirty to save .27 cents, I change him as soon as I know he is wet or when he has a stinky (after a couple of minutes to make sure he is done). 

When it comes to diapers there are lots of surprises, literally!! The lesson learned from this experience...wait it out, and when you think that was long enough wait just a couple minutes longer! 

Mom's do you remember the first time this happened to you? For those who are not Mom's, did you know about this?

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