MOMent 3- Sleep Part 1

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Monday, July 01, 2013

Let me just start this off by saying that sleep is definitely a privilege not a right for parents especially new ones! This girl loves sleep!! I used to be a mess if I was awaken suddenly and pretty grouchy. It was no secret to my husband prior to getting married so we wondered how I would once we had kids. So pregnancy or at least mine sort of prepared me for waking up. I woke up so often to go to the bathroom it was not even funny.

We walked around like zombies for the first few days weeks! I'm not even really sure how we were able to function as responsible parents but we did :) There is truly no rhyme or reason as to when a newborn wakes up. It is as random as can be. Oh but they are so snuggly and warm and just curl up so sweetly into your arms that you melt and forget you were tired for like 2 maybe 5 seconds tops and then a fat yawn starts up. But for real your lack of sleep in no joke and to make matters worse you hear some parents saying my baby slept through the night at 2 weeks you think yeah right and wonder what happened to you. Anyone else have that parent say this to you?

Honestly you do sleep better with out that huge belly preventing you from getting comfortable, because you can finally sleep on your stomach again. For the first few weeks I dreaded nighttime. It was the time my son felt most awake and me, nope not even feeling awake at all!! "Sleep when the baby sleeps" yeah right not in this house. I had stuff to get done, and we needed to eat and just have a moment to just be. Now sure I did have my fare share of unplanned snoozes and they were amazing! 
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