MOMent 4- The Post Partum Horror

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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Now I'm not taking about post partum depression I'm taking about those days that follow giving birth. I knew that things would be rough (aporopriate word for the occasion) after having a baby but after extensive research I thought I was prepared...
WRONG! Those were some painfully unpretty days, who am I kidding first few weeks. Is birth painful? Yes Do you really forget the pain? Yes

So I'm writing this from a much happier place. I strutted the I just has a baby walk for the first week proudly. It's almost like waddling but imagine yourself minus the realy big belly, pretending to walk with a cain. As per doctors orders my activity was kept to a minimum for the first couple days but it wasn't like I was wanting to get up and return to life as normal because normal was now foreign to me. I took for granted standing and all the muscles you use to stand, and sitting wowza that was a very slow process. Laughing was followed by tears so I tried not a laugh, which was really hard because my husband is hilarious. 

I will spare the gory details, there are some awesome blogs that describe the experience pretty well. I don't need to relive it through words! Now I can offer some advice. Take the medicine the doctors prescribe, take the extras from the hospital they will give it to you, if a sitz bath is offered take it, stock up on pads going to the store is an adventure with your new baby, take it easy the more you the more pain you well be in. Most of all when help is offered take it!
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  1. Loved this! It is totally true. For me, after the birth was always more tough that the actual birth! You really can't be prepared for how you feel after birth and it isn't fun or pretty! But, definitely worth it! =)

    Kate @ Raising the Rogers


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