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Sunday, July 07, 2013
This weeks topic in  Becky's 52 Weeks of Blogging with a Purpose is weakness. Now who wants to admit that they have any flaws? Let alone tell everyone about their biggest weakness! I got to thinking about this one a lot and while I have many weaknesses my biggest one would be always saying yes. I have a big heart and am always willing to help. This often leads to me saying yes to doing a lot of things. I have a real hard time saying no. Many times I put my husband and my roles in the house second to doing things for other people. Putting my husband second to other people is not ok with me. Call me old fashion but I actually enjoy doing things at home and my husband works long hours and doesn't always have the luxury to take a lunch break let alone a break. So I make every attempt to have dinner made and finish up my things for the day so we can relax together. Granted things come up but there was a time when I was always busy doing stuff for other people and then I realized what I was doing. 

I am learning now more than ever that there is nothing wrong with saying no. It doesn't make me a mean person or even mean that I am not willing to help. I have to take into consideration what is on my plate and see if I can add more. In the first 2 months of having my son I said no a lot. No to going out, no to attending events, no to the offer to babysit. I wanted the three of us to bond for one, and I didn't feel the need to attend every single event with my newborn baby. I wasn't ready! Im sure it annoyed someone but I finally realized that I can't live to please other people. 

I am slowly embracing the simple word "no" and honestly my life is less stressful because of it! 

So what's your biggest weakness?? Link up! 
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  1. yes! this is so me. I'm really good at saying yes (:


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