Cloth Diapering Part 2

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

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My very first blog post was about my decision to cloth diaper, you can read about it here. It was a huge decision and thankfully my husband was all for it. I didn't start off cloth diapering, in fact I waited a long time, nearly 3 months! There was no real reason other than my son looked huge in them so I kept waiting it out. About 2 months ago I started finally started using cloth and I am kicking myself in the butt for not starting sooner!

Our diaper of choice is the Flip hybrid system. It is a one size diaper fitting babies 8-35 pounds (roughly). There is a series of snaps that can be adjusted to accommodate the size of your baby.

The outer cover is made of PUL and comes with either a stay-dry or organic cotton insert. We chose the stay dry insert because my little man is a heavy wetter and HATES being wet. The insert has size indicators making it easy to fold into the cover. 

When the diaper is dirty you can literally flip the insert into your diaper pail, wipe the cover clean and use it again. I reuse the same cover twice before grabbing a new one. As far as a stinky goes, in my experience the outer cover gets messy too therefore it all goes to wash. I have not had one blow out, which used to be normal for every stinky. Now I mentioned a diaper pail. I have a flip top garbage from Target and a Planet Wise pail liner. 

I do laundry every 2 days and wash with Rockin' Green soap. I know that you can just throw the stinky diapers into the pail and that it will be washed clean, but I choose to rinse them off. If it is just wet it goes right into the pail. I wash on the heavy cycle, warm/cold water and an extra rinse. The covers are air dried on a drying rack and the inserts go into the dryer. If the weather is nice the inserts can be dried on a line outside and the sun will bleach them. I have yet to do this but plan to soon. 

In my diaper stash I have 16 covers and 24 inserts. Now you certainly do not need that many covers but  Cotton Babies was having a seconds sale (cosmetic defects) on diapers and I couldn't pass up $7 a cover since they are normally $15. You can totally get by will less covers if you are willing to do laundry every other day. My total investment in cloth is $250 and it is honestly worth every penny! 1 case of diapers can run you $50 and you are literally throwing that money away. Now I have not tried cloth at night yet or when we go out, so I still have to buy some disposables. That 1 case will last me about a month depending how often we go out and for how long. I would love to try cloth at night, but I am taking baby steps for now. Those colorful little squares you see are cloth wipes. Stay tuned for a post about cloth wipes. 

I love seeing my little man in cloth, he look so cute! 

If you have any questions please don;t hesitate to email me or comment below, I would be happy to answer them. 

3 comments on "Cloth Diapering Part 2 "
  1. i tried to use cloth diapers and I completely failed, i think i want to try again, because those are so cute!

  2. In doing cloth diapers too. Since about 7ish weeks old. I love them. I kinda just went cold turkey on it and started it after running out of disposables. I use them over night and honestly like them better because I feel they absorb much more. I've been working on my update post for months now. Maybe this will motivate me to finish I :)

    I can't wait to read about cloth wipes. I wasn't bold enough for that step lol.

  3. I <3 this!! I'm so glad you are liking them!


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