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Monday, August 26, 2013
This weeks topic was a little challenging. I haven't been a Mom for long enough (at least I think so) to have a lot of "never" moments.

So far I said I would never...

Co-Sleep. I know a few people who co-sleep and their kids are still pretty young but they want there bed back and are having a hard time transitioning the kids out. I made the mental note to not co-sleep after hearing this. Well, that went out the window after night 2 of being home with baby. If any of us were going to get any sleep he needed to be close to us. I think around the time he was 2 weeks old he started sleeping in his bassinet and now he is in his crib, in his own room. I freaked out at first but look at that, no traumatic transition :)
Cloth Diaper. Nope, eew, yuck! After learning so much more about it I couldn't find a reason why not to cloth diaper. I encourage every mom to just research it to see if it is for them. You might surprise yourself and love it like me!

I thought so hard if there was anything I said I would never do and did already but those were the only two I know for sure I have done. I am sure I will be eating my words as a mother plenty of times. I envision having a well-behaved child but I know that he will have tantrums and I will probably get embarrassed in public more than a few times. It comes with the territory of being a mom :) If there is one thing I have learned already it's to never say never, life happens!
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  1. Co sleeping is a very touchy subject!! I have never done co sleeping, I know it wouldn't work for our family. The few times our kids have slept with us (they were sick, had a very bad nightmare or we were out of town) was hard and even trying to get them back in their beds the next day was hard. I know a lot of families who it works for though so you really never know until you try.

    Love following your journey as a new mom! =)

    Kate @ Raising the Rogers


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