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Sunday, August 04, 2013
I missed last week but I am back this week for Becky's 52 Weeks of Blogging with a Purpose. This week is about superpowers. If I had one superpower it would be the ability freeze things. I'm not talking about making things cold, I'm talking about freezing time. I don't want to turn back the clocks, just make each moment last a little longer.

I feel like my baby is growing up too fast. Just a little over a month ago he rolled over for the first time, now he rolls both ways with ease. Tummy time is his favorite past time becuse he can attacking toys more efficiently. Tummy time used to seem like torture! He absolutely loves his Sophie the Giraffe and any toy that makes a crunchy sound. He is not fond of car rides right now, actually just the carseat, in realty anything that straps him in, he would much prefer to just be free. Unless he is in the Ergo then he can stay there for a good hour or more and even sneak in a nap in it. 

If given the opportunity to stand he takes is and cracks himself up when his little legs give out. Oh that laugh, I never want it to change and his baby smell I want to bottle it. The very idea of him growing up brings me to tears (literally) I want to enjoy him being tiny while I can. I love holding him close and giving him lots of kisses. I love it when he rests his head on my shoulder and hugs my neck. I love his baby toes and little moist hands. I love the little sounds he makes in his sleep and the huge smile I get in the morning when I pick him up. I have so many pictures of him and quite often I start from the beginning and look at all of them. He has changed so much!

I was in such a rush and the end of my pregnancy to have him and now it's been 4.5 months, where have those 4.5 months gone? So if I had a superpower it would be to freeze time so I can enjoy each moment just a bit longer. 
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