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Thursday, August 08, 2013
Since having my son, a quiet morning is pretty rare. I try to wake up before him so that I can have some me time but honestly most mornings he is my alarm clock. For the past few weeks his sleep has been a little off, we are in the midst of the 4 month sleep regression. Getting him to fall asleep has been a challenge at any hour of the day, coupled with not staying asleep has this mommy T I R E D.

This morning I woke up about 15 minutes before him. I didn't run to make my coffee like I usually do or sneak in a quick shower. I didn't throw a load of clothes in the wash or even step foot out of my room. Instead I just laid there collecting my thoughts, thinking about what to do today, enjoying the quiet to just be, and let me tell you it was pretty amazing. I wasn't sure what time it was but quickly realized it wasn't that important. Then it hit me, this was my first time waking up, he slept through the night. I can't remember the last time he slept through the night, maybe a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't help but smile! My son woke up, nursed and fell right back to bed and I'm here sitting in the quiet again while my husband and baby are sound asleep.

I need to slow down more often. There is no need to always rush to get ready before my son is up for the day. There is no need to rush period! Sometimes just relaxing in the quiet of the morning can make you feel so refreshed.
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