The First Cold

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Sunday, August 04, 2013
Last Saturday I woke up to a super congested baby. His little nose was all stuffed up and he was trying to figure out how to breathe while sleeping. My heart hurt knowing there was nothing I could do to make it go away :( Naturally I started to get a little worried even though I knew he would get better. I hadn't realized the warm air humidifier I had been running can actually increase chances for bacteria. Talk about feeling terrible for a little while!

That night we headed to Babies R Us and Target and picked up a cold air humidifier, saline drops and a NoseFrida. Let me pause to talk about the NoseFrida. At first I was a little grossed out by the idea of having to suck boogers out of his nose. However the reviews were great and several people recommended it. Yeah I see why the reviews are great. It is so effective and way less intrusive than a bulb syringe. There is a filter so your not actually going to get boogers in your mouth. Ok let's get back on track. My baby is active he loves to play but for 2 days he was not having it. Every time I would put him down to play he would start coughing and then crying. Then his little nose would get plugged more. Not a good combo going on! He spits up a lot normally but last week it was pretty excessive and I found myself getting excited because I knew he was getting the mucus out.

 Thankfully there was never a fever and after a few rough nights and days little man was finally back to his normal self. Today he got a lot of stuff out of his system, lots of outfit changes, so I'm hoping its run its course! I hated every second of seeing him sick. I wanted to make him better and him while he slept to comfort him, oh wait I usually do that Haha.I thought seeing him get shots was bad but this was worse. At least he was back to himself after getting shots the next day. I don't like seeing my baby sick :( 

Do you remember your babies first cold? 

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  1. It's so sad when they get colds Kayden was 3 months when he got his first one.


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