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Tuesday, September 24, 2013
I have been MIA for almost 20 days! I am an avid reader of my favs while nursing my son. I officially have a little mover on my hands! Little man has figured out how to scoot efficiently and man he keeps me busy. I can't turn my back on him because he is already into something new. With that being said I know that this is only the beginning because once he crawls he is going to be everywhere!

On Friday he turned 6 months and we started him on solids. I looked at every picture I have taken of him on iPhoto and teared up. I cannot believe a half a year has gone by already. Usually I cannot wait for Christmas but this year I'm in no rush. Goodness he will be 9 months then! Moving right along before I cry....

His first food was rice cereal and he liked it a lot. I'm not sure if he liked the cereal or just liked that he finally got to"eat" with us. I feel like we have been torturing him while we eat, either my husband or myself hold him while we eat and he reaches his tiny hand out when the fork goes near our mouth and he rest his hand on our chin. Now this sounds all sweet but in reality it happens so fast that at time he knocks food off the fork and is scrambling to see if he can get anything in his mouth. He has not been successful thankfully :)

In the past I have referred to my son as little man or baby boy, from here on out he will now be referred to as M. My free time is spent catching on housework and at the end of the day I have been so tired that sitting down to gather my thoughts to blog has been unrealistic. However, this is one of my favorite things to do just for me so I am going to start making time. Well break is over, M is up from his nap.
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  1. oh wow a new mommy - congratulations and much success. I know you've heard this before, but enjoy it now because it goes by too quickly - my youngest is 17 and a senior in High School. I miss my baby....sometimes - lol!


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