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Friday, October 04, 2013

|one| I'm really conscious of what I put on and in M's little body. I have never cared more about chemicals then I do now.

|two| With that being said I received my first essentials bundle this week from the Honest Company. I'm beyond exited to use everything!! I got their hand and face lotion, baby oil, produce wash, healing balm and all purpose cleaner.

|three| M & I are having breakfast together every morning it's nice to enjoy my meal and not fight baby hands with every bite :)
|four| We are finally getting around to finishing decorating. Thank goodness I was getting tired of nothingness!

|five| It has taken me literally all day to finish this post. Finding time to blog is like finding the socks the dryer eats mysteriously.

3 comments on "5 On Friday"
  1. found you on the linkup! yay for following your blog...so excited!!!

    girl, i totally know what you mean about the chemicals in food stuff! it was so funny for me to read that...i just typed up the draft for my sunday post, and i hit on that! how ironic to read your words about the same thing only a few moments later!! :)


  2. I love the Honest Co! I use the plain lip balm on my baby even (he gets chapped lips because he nurses his lip all the time) :-/

  3. Visiting from the link-up! Haha to the socks... I think I have one pair that matches? And now that I have a baby I get to lose her socks, too!


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