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Monday, October 14, 2013

1. He is truly a kid at heart. Playing games of any sort is something he loves doing. I know that he is looking forward to M to get a little older so he can make forts and buy a set of Nerf guns.

2. He is ridiculously good at games, like really good, people give up or will stop playing because he always wins.

3. He hates sleeping in and I [did] love to sleep. He would much rather wake up early and head out than sleep in.

4. He loves hats, he has so many of them and is always looking to buy more.

5. At least once a week he misplaces his wallet.

6. Family always come first, and he has been this way since the day I met him. Now that we have a baby I am so thankful that he feels this way because it takes us twice as long some days to get our routine tasks done and it doesn't bother him one bit that we have to pull over to change/feed our son sometimes back to back. 

7. He is newly addicted to buying and things Craigslist. 

8. I used to annoy him when we were kids [yes we have known each other for 21 years] he ignored me and went straight to playing with my brother...how things have changed over time :)

9. He doesn't have a middle name! 

10. He is the funniest person I know, we laugh so hard my stomach hurts.

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  1. Number 1 & 2 - sounds exactly like my husband! :) That's amazing that you guys have known each other so long - so sweet!


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