Why I Love Fall

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Saturday, October 05, 2013
Pumpkins: Not for carving because I am really terrible at that one year I made this really cute (or at least I thought so) fishbowl carving only to cut the wrong pieces and ended up with a gaping hole on the side. Thank goodness for my mother in law who performed surgery on it and pinned everything back in place. I mean for eating. If there is a pumpkin flavored treat I'm trying it and chances are buying it or making my own version at home!

Boots & Sweaters: I like sandals but I love boots and sweaters so much more. I don't work out and no it's not because I have an infant I can make time I just don't! I have a million others things to do plus I carry around a 16.5 pound baby does that count?! Ok moving right along... wearing sweaters and boots instead of shorts and tank tops is my kind of day.

Weather: I really dislike being hot! Fall has the best weather. It's not too cold but it's also not hot at all. I also love the occasional rainy fall day!

Fall Colors: Red, orange & brown makeup the colors of my family room. Seeing them all over just makes me smile. Specially on my nails :)

Thanksgiving: Since I got married I have started to love Thanksgiving even more because we spend our time with both families. Christmas is still my favorite but Thanksgiving comes in second for sure. I love getting together with family and eating that delicious dinner! More importantly I really enjoy the pause in life where people reflect on what they are thankful for. If only it were like this more often.

Ok Summer you are lingering, it's time to go away until next year!

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