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Thankful Thursday: The Event

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Thursday, November 21, 2013
I'm linking up with Marie again for her Thankful Thursday series. This week is all about the event I am most thankful for. Super easy and I am sure that most of you can guess it!

My wedding day held the title of best day of my life for 3 years it a day that I will never forget. It was the first day of my new life as a married woman. 8 months ago my wedding day took a backseat when M entered this world. We chose to keep our birth intimate just between the two of us, in doing so we learned so much more about one another, and fell in love all over again when we saw our baby boy for the first time.

He has shook my world up like a snow globe, I watch in pure amazement as he grows daily and makes me smile and cry tears of joy often. I love being a mother, his mother. He has taught me how to be more patient, to slow down and that sometimes the best thought out plans get executed totally different than expected.

I am so excited for all the future events and memories our little family will have together, it all started with this one BIG event :)

The Sunshine Award

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Monday, November 18, 2013
Thank you so much Rychelle for nominating me for this award :) If you have a chance stop by her blog and get to know her!


1. Post a pic of the award in your post
2. Post 11 random facts about yourself
3. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you
4. Nominate 11 bloggers
5. Write 11 questions for them to answer
6. Let them know they are nominated

1. I hate folding clothes. I have no problem washing clothes I just can't stand having to put them away. 

2. Less than 2 months after I got married I was chopping a bell pepper and nearly sliced the tip of my index finger off. It was barely hanging on, I got stitches and almost passed out. Needless to say since then my husband constantly reminds me to be careful when chopping veggies. 

3. I have naturally curly hair, I used to hate it growing up now I love it.

4. I have a really good sense of smell.

5. I HATE bugs. 

6. I used to be a really heavy sleeper. I could sleep through anything now, I hear everything!

7. I walk my dog with my son in the Ergo and people look at me like I'm crazy. I have a pitbull and he is 100 pounds :)

8. I don't like fast food, there was a time I stopped eating it all together.

9. After I'm done eating I need a little something to get the taste out of my mouth. My husband now has that habit.

10. I don't like being scared.

11. I was the school president in high school. 

Rychelle's questions for me:

1. Favorite movie: Grease

2. Reasons you blog: I love writing, it is a lot of fun and a nice way to spend my me time.

3. If you could meet anyone who would it be? Hmmm, this is a hard one. I'm going to answer with a twist...I would love my son to meet my Grandmother. She passed away 2 years ago and I miss her a lot. She was an amazing woman! 

4. Favorite vacation: Last summer we took a European cruise, it was on my to-do list before we had kids. On that trip we found out we were pregnant best vacation EVER!

5. Favorite TV show: This season Trophy Wife and Modern Family are pretty hilarious, loving them both.

6. Describe yourself in one word: Silly

7. How many kids do you want? 2, maybe 3

8. Favorite color: mint green and orange

9. Favorite holiday: Christmas hands down, I love decorating and making traditions :)

10. What do you want most for Christmas? A new wardrobe please. 

11. Favorite hobby: Baking, which is a bit of a challenge as of late but I'm not giving up on it. 

My nominees are: 

Marie @ Candidly Marie
Andrea  @ Hand and the Heart
Pamela  @ My Married Life
Hannah @ Joyful Life
Elise  @ Cheers Ya"ll
Elizabeth  @ My Glad Heart
Lena @ Root and Blossom
Marta @ Petite Raisin 
Nancy  @ My Little Criatura

My Questions:

1. What did you want to be when you "grow up"?
2. What was your favorite toy?
3. Where did you go on your honeymoon?
4.Describe your husband in one word
5. What is your go to recipe?
6. What is your favorite holiday?
7. How do you spend your "me" time?
8. If you could relive one moment in your life what would it be?
9. How do you spend your "me" time?
10. How do you spend Thanksgiving?
11. Coffee or tea?

Thank you again Rychelle I look forward to reading your responses ladies :)

Thankful Thursday: The Place

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Thursday, November 14, 2013
November is a month spent intentionally reflecting on all that you are thankful for. When I saw Marie's post about this linkup I knew I was in! For the next 3 weeks I will be joining her in sharing who, when, and what I am most thankful for. This week is all about the place...

I am thankful for my house, no scratch that my home. House hunting was an extremely stressful process and it seemed like it would take forever to sign that last paper that would make our house officially ours. It is an older home on a quiet street, older therefore means things were not updated except our appliances which was such a huge blessing they are expensive!! 

We have spent the last two years making this house feel more like our home. It is certainly not perfect and there are several unfinished projects which allows us to change our minds often and find what we love most to complete a particular space. There is room to grow but it's so big to feel that we feel like strangers lost in the space. I am so thankful that we have a place to call our own and do what we want with. 

What is the place you are most thankful for? Link up!

If you get a chance stop by the Mom-Lovin' link up too, I love this link-up and meeting so many other amazing mama's! 
Joyful Life

5 On Friday

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Friday, November 08, 2013
How is it Friday already? This week flew by! Almost a week into this time change and some days are better than others. M woke up at 5:45 yesterday ready to start the day needless to say mommy was not exactly all smiles or even fully awake for some time. Do moms ever sleep good again?

| one | Went to the mall yesterday with my husband, our intention was to fix the birth certificate of a Build-A-Bear. Of course we needed to make one for M who was very unimpressed by his new Frosty the Snowman. The tag on his hat, all over it! My bears were not fully clothed when I was young, but you just feel wrong leaving with a naked bear they need clothes and accessories too right?! I digress...

| two | Got these Steve Madden boots I have been drooling over for the past month looking for the best deal. My favorite brown boots are very well loved and it's time to part now. Thank you Nordstrom for having your half yearly sale :) 

| three | Speaking of Nordstrom I love that they have a mothers room. M is such a distracted eater so having a quiet space while out is amazing.

| four | Used my crockpot for the first time this season. Made this recipe, I added one package of Sazon Goya as well and we enjoyed it! I will be making it again. 

| five | Found this recipe on Pinterest to make pumpkin creamer, I'm making it this weekend I hope it tastes amazing. I have had many failed attempts with a couple different recipes I've tried. 

Happy Friday!! Hope you have an amazing weekend :)

Thankful Thursdays: The Person

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Thursday, November 07, 2013
November is a month spent intentionally reflecting on all that you are thankful for. When I saw Marie's post about this linkup I knew I was in! For the next 4 weeks I will be joining her in sharing who, when, and what I am most thankful for. This week is all about the who...

I thought for sure the answer to this question would be my son. Now hold on hear me out, I am so thankful for M, but there is no way he would be here if it weren't for my husband. He is my best friend, my life partner, my soul mate the love of my life. He is my number one fan, he has seen me at my worst and and my best. He is so very kind and encouraging never crushing a dream that I have, instead he finds ways to make it happen. He works so hard for out little family so I can stay at home and raise our son. The sacrifice that he makes picking up and overtime shift weekly is one that I am so grateful for. He strives to be better in life never happy with just being mediocre and that is something that I love about him. He is a go getter for sure! 

This year I have watched him become a father and have fallen in love all over again. I always knew he would be a great father but never imagined it would be like this. He used a couple hours of FMLA a week to come home early to spend time with M, he has stayed up with me on rough nights when M wouldn't sleep. He has changed countless amouts of diapers without complaining and even washed a few loads of cloth diapers :) I have never once questioned his abilities to parent, I trust him, value and respect his opinion. 

I am so thankful and blessed for the man I share my life with, the man who made me a mother which in itself is the best gift he has ever given me. Before we got married out Pastors told us that you don't marry someone that you could live with, you marry someone you could not live without. I can honestly say that I could not live without him!

So who is the person you are most thankful for?

So What Wednesday

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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Life After I Dew
So WHAT if....

{1} I have 3 drafts that I just cannot complete my thoughts on, I have opened them up for almost 3 nights in a row and still haven't hit publish. Personal goal this week is to get one of them done and up.

{2} M got super mobile in the last week and I seriously feel like my free time is lost again. He loves pulling himself up and is even crawling for real (not the army crawl he has mastered) like a lot. I am exhausted most days once he goes to bed.
{3} With that being said this time change which used to make me all giddy is just not doing that for me this year. I am yawning at like 9 which is really early for me.

{4} Now that Halloween is out of the way we are ready for Christmas in this house...we've been listening to Christmas music and strategizing where things will go this year now that we have a new room to decorate 

{5} We purposely left a corner in our family room less decorated for our Christmas tree 

{6} I made 3 attempts to drink my coffee today and out of the 3 only one was successful. Lots of wasted coffee, I like it freshly brewed and let me tell you that cup just now was amazing :) 

{7} I'm addicted to a zombie show, said I never would be, but hey the Walking Dead is now our nightly show once M goes to bed 

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