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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Life After I Dew
So WHAT if....

{1} I have 3 drafts that I just cannot complete my thoughts on, I have opened them up for almost 3 nights in a row and still haven't hit publish. Personal goal this week is to get one of them done and up.

{2} M got super mobile in the last week and I seriously feel like my free time is lost again. He loves pulling himself up and is even crawling for real (not the army crawl he has mastered) like a lot. I am exhausted most days once he goes to bed.
{3} With that being said this time change which used to make me all giddy is just not doing that for me this year. I am yawning at like 9 which is really early for me.

{4} Now that Halloween is out of the way we are ready for Christmas in this house...we've been listening to Christmas music and strategizing where things will go this year now that we have a new room to decorate 

{5} We purposely left a corner in our family room less decorated for our Christmas tree 

{6} I made 3 attempts to drink my coffee today and out of the 3 only one was successful. Lots of wasted coffee, I like it freshly brewed and let me tell you that cup just now was amazing :) 

{7} I'm addicted to a zombie show, said I never would be, but hey the Walking Dead is now our nightly show once M goes to bed 
2 comments on "So What Wednesday"
  1. I'm with you on #4!! I actually did turn on some Christmas music today for the first time (don't tell my husband! haha!), but I don't want to listen to too much too soon, or I'll get sick of it before Christmas - so small doses here and there when the mood strikes! :)

  2. I love Walking Dead! :) No shame...I kind of feel like a zombie expert now that I've read World War Z too. Haha!


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