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Friday, December 13, 2013
THE GOOD LIFE BLOGHappy Friday!! M woke up early this morning, 5:40 and thankfully his sweet self was not ready to start his day and went back to bed 20 minutes later. I was planning to get up early today, not quite that early but it definitely stopped any procrastination. I am going to try to start getting up before M. It's nice having some time to myself in the morning and not feeling (cause I am) stumbling into M's room when we wake up together around 7. Now onto my 5.

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Somewhere in the mix of Thanksgiving and our sleep battle I missed celebrating my one year blogiversary. Last year I sat on my couch debating whether or not to hit publish on my first post I stared at my screen for a long time and finally I got the courage to do so. I have so enjoyed blogging over the past year and have met some amazing women! My goal for this year is to blog a bit more, I love writing and I don't set aside enough time to do so.

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My husband has been asking me for my Christmas list for a couple of weeks. I gave him a list and the jacket I wanted were sold out and the scarf I wanted was not available in that color. He told me to scrap the list and make a new one. I have been debating over getting and Erin Condren planner, only the most talked about planner in blogland but $50 seemed a bit high for some paper which I may or may not use frequently. Then I saw this post  for an alternative from PlumPaperDesignsthat would fit me more when I googled life planner. Now I feel that I need this and really hope that I get it!!! 

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Saw this picture on my Instagram feed this week, hilarious!!

| four |
M has been going to work on his crib with that one tooth. 

| five |
I saved the best for last....As of last weekend M says "mama" and officially crawls no more army crawling! He has been saying mum for a while but not mama and he says it when he see's me or when I walk away so he knows I'm his mama. Every time I hear him say mama I can't help but smile this silly smile. 
4 comments on "5 on Friday"
  1. I had an Erin Condren 2 years ago, one from target this year that I ended up hating and actually found Plum Paper for this years too and got mine in the mail last week and it is amazing!

  2. I have the EC Life Planner right now. I can honestly say that I do love it, but I just can not see myself spending the money on it again and have been dying to get the Plum Planner. I already have my design picked out and everything! I just want to get Christmas sorted out before I go and buy it for myself. lol

  3. Cheers to your Blogiversary!!! YAY!
    Going to check out that planner too because I just can't convince myself to fork over $50 for one too!! xx

  4. My son is a crib chewer too! Cracks me up! I had no idea babies did that until Ben did it. Apparently they sell guards for the tops of cribs, but it was too late for us.


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