Love, the Unconditional Kind

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013
I cannot properly express in words the love that I have for my son. I would literally do anything for him. He spend 10 months in my womb, he is a part of me, he is half me. He is such a blessing, I have never known a love like this before. When I see him in pain it hurts me, and I want to take that pain away from him. Watching him grow up is truly amazing, I celebrate in his successes reaching developmental milestones. I crave snuggling with him and spending quiet time without him trying to bust out of my arms to play. Even on the very hardest of days, yes they do occur with an infant, I miss him when he is sleeping. It is such a wonderful feeling to be loved and needed that much by a tiny human. To watch his face light up when he see's my face and to hear him say mama.

It got me to thinking about the love that God has for his children, for us, for me, for you! It is this same kind of love that a mother (or father) has for their child. WOW talk about a revelation! A love that is unconditional. We put 'conditions' on our love walk with people because we get offended, that is truly the bottom line. You may make secret choices that affect that person. Choices you would never think of making for your own child, your flesh and blood. In God's eyes, we are his children, therefore we receive the benefits of being his child. When you get this understanding the word love will never be the same for you again!
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  1. Love this. I was once told that I'll understand God sending Jesus, his only son, here to a broken world of die for us...well, I was told that the Gospel would hit me so a whole new light...when I have children of my own. God paints and intertwines the Gospel into our lives in so many ways. Every way points to Jesus!! Hallelujah!

  2. This was so nice and completely true. God's love for us is just as our love for our children, unconditional. And that is the greatest of love.


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