Remodeling Confession

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Little secret you probably don't know about me...change freaks me out a little bit. I'm not talking about changing up my hair, thats fun! I'm talking about changes in my house. WHY? I despise chaos, I hate disorder it shakes me to my core and puts me on edge. The end result makes me over the moon excited but the process oh I don't like it! 

My sweet husband on the other hand, he lives for change and demo projects! He loves change and is the one who initiates all the changes in our home. He is able to see the end result before it happens and loves to shop around for materials that make our changes unique to us. I am pretty thankful that he has vision for change, I love that he wants to update our home and I appreciate that he is oh SO very patient with this silly girl here and helps me see the vision!

Just some of the transformations our home has undergone since we bought it 2 years ago...

Original family room

After we removed the carpet, original hardwood floor!!

Had this going on for a while...

Current room :) Feels so much more like us.
Please excuse my sons gigantic stroller in the corner and pirate ship.

Kitchen before I hated it!!
Changed the floor and backsplash until we figure out what to do!
**Backsplash is linoleum floor tiles glued onto existing tiles, simple inexpensive fix**

My kitchen now. Knocked down the wall, painted the cabinets, new counter and backsplash. 

I love the open concept!

I cannot wait to finish the kitchen and living room. We still have some paint to touch up, and lots of decorating. Last night he told me our next project is our bathrooms this year, the front bathroom needs a new sink for sure and I hate the tiles on the wall and the ugly 80's inspired linoleum. The changes in there are cosmetic so it should be easy right? Oh boy! So I am going to dream on Pinterest of what I want the end result to be like and pretend I am on HGTV and really get into this remodel and have fun with it!
7 comments on "Remodeling Confession"
  1. LOVE it girl! Love the neutrals...the white cabinets...the grays! Such a transformation!! Also --- that temporary quick fix for the kitchen floors is genius! Love that! xx

  2. These changes are amazing. You guys are so talented. Did you hire someone or do it yourself?

  3. wow, it all looks everything about that kitchen!

  4. Ileana your house is looking GORGEOUS! Gosh, I want to paint our fireplace SO BAD but that is one of the only things my husband has ever put his foot down one. Beautiful.

    XO/Lena @ Root&Blossom

  5. Love your house!!!! Beautiful. Can't wait to see how your projects look in the end :)

  6. It looks so pretty! I am doing a giveaway today and would love if you would stop by and check it out!


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