Happy 5 on Friday!

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Friday, February 14, 2014
Happy Friday and Valentines day! I will be spending the day with my tiny valentine until my husband comes home from work. We don't usually go out to dinner because it's always been so crazy, this year we are making dinner and dessert and watching a movie when M goes to bed.

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We made this Valentine for M's Papi (dad).

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A year ago today I left my job to start maternity leave. It was a really sad day for me having to say goodbye to my students and co-workers but also very exciting at the same time to start my new "job" as a stay at home mom. We were also in the middle of a renovation and my house looked like this...mind you I was due in 4 weeks I would be lying if I told you I was not stressed, remodeling + me = unnecessary tears.

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This week I launched my new blog design and custom domain. I love it!!

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My 10.5 month old has mastered so many new skills = proud mama! You can read about them here

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M had so much fun at the zoo yesterday, he was talking to all the animals and got so excited to see the giraffes he started waving to them. One of them was drinking water and stopped to look up at him, never seen one do that and our first thought was do they spit like camels?

3 comments on "Happy 5 on Friday! "
  1. As you already know, I love the new design. But the house looks so good, and he is just so darn cute!!

  2. I love the blog design, it's so clean. That card is PRECIOUS!

  3. Okay...the wrinkles in the glitter feet are so cute. I mean...who knew something like that could be soo darn CUTE!!! EEEEEE! xx


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