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Friday, February 21, 2014
It's Friday again and another week that has just flown by! Today is off to a great start, M was up at 5 to eat and went back down in like 5 minutes but I couldn't go back to bed. Having quiet time this morning has been amazing.

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Last week I discovered this tote/diaper bag on Pottery Barns site and of course now I want it. I'm looking for a heavy duty tote that still feels girly but can withstand baby stuff. To my surprise this morning it is on sale. I am so undecided because I can't see the inside and I'm wondering if its like my current diaper bag.

| two |
After changing my blog name last week and getting my custom domain my bloglovin still had the old url. I didn't want to start from scratch so I went to my BFF Google and found that your followers could be moved to your new blog with a simple email to customer support. YAY! 

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M turned 11 months, can't believe in one month I will have a 1 year old! Last weekend I gave him an early birthday gift because I couldn't wait any longer. We bought him this car during Christmas and got it on sale for less than half the price! He loves "driving" around the block in his first car. 

| four |
I love to bake, like seriously love it! Yesterday I made muffins for M and oh my goodness did he love them. Combining baking with making something for my little, match made in heaven :) 

| five | 
So that tiny mischievous cutie broke my glass mixing bowls last week. Now now it was my fault. I put the security latch on every cabinet but that one, he is quick and narrowed in on it while I had my back turned for 10 seconds. Thankfully he was completely untouched and not even the slightest bit scared which I expected because it was loud. My bowls on the other hand were shattered to nothing. First of many things that will be broken by my kids. 

Have a wonderful weekend :)

5 comments on "5 on Friday"
  1. Oh my gosh! Can they really?! I need to email them!!!

  2. you changed your blog name!!! I love the new blog design!

  3. ahhh your poor mixing bowls! Glad he was safe, Ive always wanted one of those scooter push bike thingys haha. maybe for number 3? lol

  4. I've been eying those diaper bags too! When Kayden was around his age he broke the lid to one of my pots two days later all the cabinets were baby proofed.

  5. Super cute diaper bags and huge bummer about the mixing bowls! Stopping by from the Mom Lovin Link up and a new follower! Mason is just too darn cute!


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