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Friday, February 28, 2014
Happy Friday! I didn't post this week my husband was on a business trip and my little kept me busy I went to bed early every night. I'm so happy he is home to help chase M with me. Today I am going to share with you 5 random facts about me.

| one |
I cannot make pancakes to save my life. It's pretty sad, I mean pancakes are like the easiest thing to make. I really love to bake and I've been told I'm pretty good at it (awards don't lie, no really I won a cupcake contest! ok ok enough praising myself haha) so when I say I can't make pancakes people ask me if I'm serious. They end up turning into blobs of odd yet still tasty breakfast. My husband bought me a waffle iron, I am like a pro at making waffles now :)

| two |
My husband and I have known each other for 21 years but didn't like each other when we were kids. One day I'll have to share our sappy love story.

| three |
I love traveling but hate flying. Being forced to sit for a long period of time with recycled air (I also don't like germs) makes me feel all itchy. I'm going to need to get over myself as I don't want to pass this on to M.

| four |
I love Target, who doesn't?! If possible I try to visit a Target when we are somewhere far from home to see if they have anything different. This used to drive my husband crazy but now he goes along with it, so sweet :)

| five |
My favorite day of the week is Tuesday. Why you may ask? It's my husbands first day off, it's our Friday.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

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5 comments on "5 Randoms About This Girl"
  1. I've never tried to make pancakes so i dont even know if i can make em myself.


  2. Pancakes ARE hard to make! :) Love the new blog look by the way!

  3. Pancakes are hard! Sometimes mine turn out great and then other times they are not edible:)

  4. I'm the same way with Target. The Target close to our house is on the smaller side so when we go to a bigger city, I always have to check them out to see how their clearance section is! :)

  5. The pancake thing is so funny! I love to cook but still have a few easy recipes that I just cannot get! ha!!
    Also LOVE Target!!
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