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Thursday, February 20, 2014
Dear Postpartum Hair,
I am not very happy with you, now I love you so don't get all angry and run away, I need you! During  pregnancy you went through some changes were truly amazing. You were manageable, not overly frizzy like usual, shiny and overall just pretty awesome. I didn't really appreciate your wondefulness until now, like right now! I knew I was losing hair, but because there is so much of you I really didn't notice where you were leaving. I'm begging you to grow back fast because this whole peach fuzz around my hair line is not my favorite, new hair is stubborn and just doesn't behave with products. 

I even cut you into a shorter style because everyone loves a makeover. I am not very savvy at styling my hair so I don't even know how to hide you very well, and the new hair is even more noticeable when I straightened. After taking time that kind of time to flat iron, it will not be wasted rewashing to return to my curls. So I'm asking you to make a truce with me and just cooperate with some magical product and lay flat. Please, pretty please? 

Let it be noted that you hide very well in pictures, thank you! 



Anyone else facing the same dilemma? Any product suggestions? I would really appreciate it :)

2 comments on "Postpartum Hair"
  1. I have always had those around my hairline. When they finally grow out I see more has grown in.

  2. I had this after having my second little boy. It's so annoying!


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