Skills, So Many New Skills!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014
My mommy heart is on overdrive this week. My sweet baby boy will be one in 5 weeks. I am excited for this milestone and a bit emotional all at the same time. Can you blame me?

Last week M had some serious sleep troubles which usually means teething and/or new skills. His gums are softening on top, he has lots of drool and is biting literally everything he can get his tiny hands on. BUT no teeth yet, boooo! On the other hand this baby boy has mastered a whole bunch of new skills.

He plays peek a boo, and claps all the time. In fact when I'm driving he loves watching himself in the mirror and playing peek a book then clapping because the baby in the mirror is playing with him.

He has quite the vocabulary and loves to talk he says; mama, mum, dada, mum-mum/ma (more), ball (baw), book (buh-ooook). Yesterday my little chatterbox said la-la (my niece) and dog (doh). I encourage him to say words daily and sometimes he looks at me like I'm crazy and then asks for a ball or book. I was shocked when he repeated duck (duh) tonight at bath time.

He goes through the kitchen cabinets and taste all the tupperware and then throws it on the floor while laughing for fun.

Speaking of the kitchen he loves to eat and complains when he is not being fed fast enough. Yesterday we went out to lunch and he made sure to let the section we were sitting in know that he needed more bread NOW because he was done chewing. He enjoys self feeding but most of the time would rather have a chunky puree because he can eat faster. What can I say the boys loves food. The very mention of the word yogurt sends him to this happy place where he kicks his feet and closes his eyes with every bite. So hilarious to watch and when the yogurt is gone cue the mini meltdown.

Tonight he signed more for the first time and I almost lost it. I mean 2 new skills in one night amazing! I like to think he is a baby genius, I am pretty biased though :)

The climbing, cruising on furniture, crawling and standing unassisted at times have me on the edge of my seat, who am I kidding I rarely sit down when he is awake unless we are playing.

My favorite new skill is hugs followed by big wet kisses. It is just the best! Watching this tiny human grow is amazing and I adore being his mama.

2 comments on "Skills, So Many New Skills!"
  1. I can not believe that he is already almost a year old. I still remember your pregnancy posts like they were yesterday. He is seriously so adorable! He will be walking before you know it!!!
    Also, I love your new name and new design!!! Isn't it so refreshing to start over. I am in love with blogging again now that I have!!!

  2. The peekaboo pic is adorable! I would love if you shared this on my link up going on now


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