Motherhood: 31 Lessons Learned in Year One

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Monday, March 31, 2014

1. Being pregnant is a lllllloooonnnnngggg process, especially if your babe is late. As soon as your baby is born BAM life is on fast forward.
2. Newborns smell really good like the sweetest smell ever
3. You celebrate every milestone like your baby just won an Olympic gold medal and then proceed to tell everyone and their mother, cousin and uncle. Their reaction will most likely not match your excitement.
4. There is no such thing as sleeping like a baby, unless you mean they sleep and you don't, often.
5. Carters and Babies R' Us are dangerous stores, just walk away!
6. Baby toes are by far the cutest thing ever
7. Your camera roll will consist of thousands of pictures of your babe and you will have a hard time deleting pictures even though about 10 of them look exactly the same
8. You'll become a pro at changing diapers in the dark and in record speed
9. Current events are going to be foreign to you but you will be up to date on on the latest baby gadgets and safety regulations
10. Bad days make you appreciate the good ones you have often
11. Leaving the house can feel daunting in the beginning. The amount of preparation involved in crazy. I mean you nearly take everything with you and being late takes on a whole new meaning in those first few months
12. Your social life gets put on hold. Friendships will get unintentionally neglected and it hurts you emotionally.
13. Hearing your baby say mama for the first time will bring tears to your eyes, hearing them say it and know it's you will make you cry
14. Speaking of crying you will do a lot of that, some days more than your little
15. Teething will become your worst enemy and you will buy every teether from every store
16. At some point the phrase 'it takes a village' will make sense to you and you will love your village!!
18. You are going to do several things you said you would never do because keeping your babe happy  is so much more important
19. You will have a love hate relationship with Google, mostly hate. REALLY! Save yourself and don't Google symptoms you will freak yourself out, just don't do it!
20. Mothers intuition is real, you'll learn to trust yourself.
21. There is no way to prepare yourself for motherhood prior to having a baby. Books and words of wisdom don't compare to actually having a baby.
22. Your babe is unique. Sleep patterns, eating habits, personality, preferences, don't compare them to another.
23. Trust your husband. You probably won't do things the same, in fact it will seem like he is doing it all wrong. You both have your babes best interest at heart and his way of doing things is pretty amazing.
24. Enjoy the newborn days, savor every snuggle because one day (very soon) you will be playing the ultimate game of tag with your toddler and your are always it :)
25. The whole worlds stops when your baby isn't feeling well. You literally want to bear the burden of their sickness so they are well again.
26. Go to a mom's group, it is so encouraging talking to others who are going through the same teething or sleep battle your family is in.
27. You know your baby best, don't doubt yourself
28. Take time for yourself. You, baby and even daddy will benefit immensely from your rejuvenation!
29. You have never know a love like the love you have for your child
30. Baby giggles make everything better
31. Being a mother is the most amazing, humbling and best thing that has ever happened in my life!
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