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Friday, April 25, 2014

"You aren't even two"

Hearing those words come out of my husbands mouth these past few days have me laughing hysterically, hysterically. Because he is also laughing and this new found shall I call it a skill?

Our sweet little 13 month old has discovered that he can cause a scene when he doesn't get what he wants. The face he makes make me laugh every time. Throws his head up eyes pinched shut with this half whine/half scream sound. No tears stream down his cute full cheeks or well up in his blue-grey eyes. He will open his eyes to see if it worked completely straight faced and promptly return to the previous state because we won't cave in.

These tantrums take place because he cannot have; the tissue box, empty the kitchen drawers and cabinets while we cook, play with the toilet, eat board books, open the fridge to get more "mum-mum", have the phone, remote or keys as a teether, climb over the couch, drink my coffee aannndd my favorite by far is because he cannot touch the Xbox and eject the disk and lick it. True story, happened yesterday the tantrum was one to capture but we missed the opportunity and tried not to laugh while it was happening.

Said tantrums last for 15-20 seconds and he has a "squirrel" moment and gets distracted by something else. Little man has a lot going on in his thinker; he is on the verge of walking (took his first step yesterday- proud mommy moment!!!), repeating so many words he can say Batman (bah-mon) and Costco (cosss-co) but we still don't know exactly what he wants sometimes, teething (just cut 2 more and 2 are right there ready) and growing so much. He is rapidly growing out of his 12 month clothes and fitting into 18 month ones. Life can get frustrating being carried around, fed upon request and taking two enjoyable naps everyday :) But seriously he is growing into a little independent person and is frustrating when he knows what he wants and cannot express it.

While these tantrums are hilarious we don't fuel the fire and try to laugh when he gets distracted. I know more are to come and while these tantrums are in there small developing form I will laugh a lot. We calmly explain to him why he cannot have insert object here and hope one day he understands what we are saying.

When did your babe start throwing tantrums? Did you laugh?

Happy Friday!!!
2 comments on "Tantrums"
  1. My little guy really started throwing major tantrum at about 20 months. Sometimes we laugh - it's just so hard not to! Of course this just makes him mad:) He usually has a major meltdown after bath, knowing bedtime is looming and when it's time to come inside...

  2. Ben started doing the same thing around 13 months. They are so funny. We never laugh at him of course, but later on we might giggle about it. :)


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