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Thursday, June 05, 2014
Today I am thrilled to be co-hosting with Jenna from A Mama Collective sharing about marriage; what you love about your husband and/or the positive aspects. The interpretation is completely up to you! I have shared about how much I love my husband many times you can read about him here, here and here. My favorite aspect of our marriage is how much we laugh together, at times uncontrollably and at the most inappropriate times like in the Sistine Chapel imitating the Police saying no photo and sssshhhhhhhh. We have so many inside jokes it's ridiculous. I don't have the perfect marriage by any means, I do however have a loving, understanding and incredibly patient husband who loves me and I'm am soooooo happy being sharing my life with him.

I want to share a little story with you about the beginning of our marriage. We didn't live together before getting married so this was a pretty big transition. In our first two years of marriage we lived in a one bedroom apartment. It was small, obviously one bedroom, but we loved it! It had vaulted ceilings making it feel so much bigger than it really was, our bedroom was really big (bigger than my master bedroom now!) and it was a corner unit so we only shared one wall and we were on the top floor. We have so many memories in that apartment, so much fun! Back to my story...

Getting used to living together was interesting, we are so not a like in the way we did things...I am a neat freak and want things done ASAP. My husband is clean, but not the way I'm used to and things doesn't need to be done now. I am a researcher and a planner, my husband is spontaneous! I am a night owl, my husband isn't, he is on the other hand a morning person and I am not. (Things have since changed since having M.) Living in such a small space brought us closer together, literally! Our arguments didn't and really couldn't last long because there was nowhere to hide...well our bedroom but I spent a lot of time on our desktop computer for school. If I was at the computer I could see my husband on the couch. I mean try being angry with someone who is like 10 feet away from you and you can see them out of the corner of your eye. It's hard! One of us would say or do something funny and it got us laughing and we could rationally talk about the issue. Not to sound corny or cliche but, laughter is the best medicine.

We send a lot of time cracking up about our poor planning when it comes to how much car space is needed when buying furniture. We don't own an SUV so we have to make things fit in our car and it's hilarious! When we bought furniture for M's room my husband drove so close to the steering wheel he was practically hugging it, his elbows were out, his legs looked like a pretzel due to the lack of space to put them and when we went over bumps he hit his head on the roof. I on the other hand was sitting perfectly normal because I was 7 months pregnant. I could not stop laughing I was practically choking and my belly hurt so much. EVERYONE driving by was turing to look at how ridiculous he looked for entire 30 minute drive home. Then just last week we bought a ginourmous mirror from a store an hour away from our house. We got an amazing deal but ended up having to put that huge mirror in the trunk where is clearly did not fit using a rope to get our trunk to shut with about 6 inches of a mirror hanging out of it. The looks we got in the parking lot trying many different ways to make that mirror fit with a toddler on my hip were priceless. And that rope was neon green drawing that much more attention! Random drivers shook there heads at us and sped up trying to avoid our car. Why I don't have photographic proof of these incidents is beyond me.

Those first two years laid such a wonderful foundation for our marriage. It is grounded by unconditional love followed by constant smiles and LAUGHING. Till this day we never go to bed angry and always apologize when we say hurtful things. Because lets be honest no matter how much fun we have together we say mean things sometimes. We find smart cars incredibly funny (hope this doesn't offend anyone) so that is our icebreaker to end an argument. I'm not saying the smart car thing is going to work for everyone. Having fun with your husband and laughing will though.We are celebrating 5 years in August go us, can you say MILESTONE anniversary!

Have a story, thought or reason why you love your husband to share? Tell me about it or better yet I invite you to link-up with us :)

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  1. So cool! Love this linkup! And isn't being married to your best friend so fun?!


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