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Monday, July 07, 2014
how to wash or clean toms

After this incident occurred it was pretty clear to me that my Toms needed a bath. I turned to Google because lets be honest Google can answer almost all life's problems, almost.

On the Toms site it states,"We highly recommend hand washing TOMS® Shoes in cold water with a gentle detergent and letting them air dry. We do not recommend putting TOMS® Shoes in the dryer under any circumstances. Please note that fading can be expected (especially from sun exposure) and does not compromise the durability of the shoe." 

Surely there had to be a faster way to get them clean than hand scrubbing during the nap window time frame. While this is not recommended by Toms, several people said that putting them in the washing machine worked for them. So I tried it, I already made up my mind that my one year old loved pair could be parted with if they got ruined. Well, they didn't, in fact they came out super clean! Air drying outside did cause a tiny, tiny bit of fading but they are also a year old like I said. Would you like to know how to get you pair of Toms super clean?

how to wash toms

Put Toms in Toms bag (the cute bag they came with) 
Set washing machine on a delicate cycle, wash with COLD water
Add a tiny bit of soap (I used a little less than a tablespoon)
Air dry outside for about an hour (or indoors until dry)

I don't have a before picture of my Toms they weren't super dirty to begin with just blessed by my toddler, this is them after being washed and air dried. Wore them today they felt funny for like 2 minutes then remolded to my feet. There you have it. Clean Toms!

Do your Toms need a bath?
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  1. This is great! Thanks for the helpful "how to" off to wash my Toms! :)


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