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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

This weekend we bought M a set of pots/pans and kitchen utensils from Ikea. He loves pretending to cook when I'm in the kitchen, it's pretty adorable. He has me pretend to taste everything and patiently waits for me to say "mmmmmm thats good" and he repeats it and goes back to cooking more. I started looking at DIY kitchens. Sidenote: Have you see how people have repurposed nigh stands into the cutest kitchens?? Well in that search I came across kitchens made from cardboard boxes. I had some boxes ready to be taken out to the recycling can and I knew he had to have a cardboard kitchen since we are lagging on buying or attempting to make one.

I had 2 boxes to work with, one being diaper boxes and one was from a new toy he got over the weekend. I gathered miscellaneous things from around the house to complete the details. The sink is a food storage container I lost the lid to and the faucet is a soap pump. I used card stock for the burner and oven. 

The first thing I had to do was make the boxes the same size, one was a little longer. I cut the hole for the sink and wrapped the boxes in brown paper wrapping paper. Once wrapped I found the sink hole and carefully cut in out securing any loose wrapping paper on the inside. Joining the two boxes was easier in my mind. I thought hot glue would work, it didn't so I used patterned duct tape. 

Making the backspalash was really easy. I cut card stock in chunky strips and placed it to resemble our kitchen backspalsh. To seal it and make it shiny I used modge podge. To finish up I hot glued the burner and oven on the boxes. 

When M got up from his nap the kitchen was ready for him to use. Once I showed him what it was he said ki-ken (which sounds like chicken when he says it) and started making cookies. 

This took me a couple of hours, it was completely free and I had a lot of fun making it!

Have you ever made a cardboard kitchen? If have or decide to make one let me know, I'd love to see your design! 
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