Five Parenting Confessions

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Friday, September 05, 2014

| One | My son makes my coffee (caaa-keee) everyday. When he wakes up I go in we say good morning, hugs and kisses, change his diaper and he walks to the kitchen pointing at the coffee maker to turn it on. It all started one day when he was extra fussy and I let him press the button now he feels it's his duty. Who am I to crush his dreams to be my Barsita?

| Two | Sleep is a BIG deal to me. Naps are so important and I make it a point to be home for them unless we are too far away. From early on M wasn't a great sleeper took him 7 months to get the hang of it. He rarely stays up past his bedtime, he slowly spirals out of control and bath times are like torture when he is over tired. I got a lot of flack for leaving places early to get him home in time to sleep, people would tell me he'll adjust but hey he sleeps through the night and we have time for just the two of us every night.

| Three | There are times I am left playing with his toys and he has moved on. When we play with blocks I have to finish what I'm building, it just feels wrong to move on mid structure. Then M realizes I'm still playing and will knock it down which usually makes me a little sad inside and I may or may not say nooooooooo and he laughs and laughs. I think secretly in his mind he may think he is King Kong.

| Four | When M is napping or sleeping I tidy up his toys really fast fully knowing that when he wakes up it will be undone in 2.3 seconds. This is an improvement from me cleaning up the toys as he moved on. We are working on him cleaning up after himself.

| Five | Sometimes on crazy days we take a special trip to Target where I get a coffee and we just browse the aisles. I know I've said it before but it's so true, Target is magical! Can anyone relate?

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4 comments on "Five Parenting Confessions"
  1. Target is magical :) I totally agree. I have to drive 45 minutes to get to one and its totally worth it!

  2. Mama, that sleep IS important! You know how I feel about it. :-) Oh evil!! I went today for like three can probably guess I didn't leave with three things. Sigh.

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only ones who finds their sleep important. I'm hoping our next baby (whenever that happens haha) will jump on the sleeping train faster. I swear things just leap off the shelves into my cart at Target :)

  4. So worth the drive haha! When we moved into our house I was possibly most excited about the short drive to Target.


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