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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Dear Ileana,

The past ten years went by incredibly fast. I'm sure you say that all the time. You are near the end of your 30's and slowly approaching 40. Please don't say you feel old, 40 is not old haha!

I know that you are still very happily married to Richard and have just recently celebrated 15 years of marriage. As a joke a while back you said new rings at 15. So, did you upgrade your ring??

Thankfully all the home projects that were left unfinished are finally complete. There was talk about possibly moving, did it happen? If not I'm sure the master bathroom was renovated and you finally have a shower larger than the ones on a cruise ship!

M is 11 now. So full of personality, he makes you laugh all the time. Definitely athletic, no surprise here as a toddler he was into basketball, soccer and baseball. Although I'm not sure right now which sport he chose to play, I know we are there as a family cheering you on.

M is a big bother! Do we have another little man or is there a little lady to even the numbers out in the house? Those two have so much fun together and make you and Richard so proud to be their parents.

Comgrats on opening the Montessori Preschool! I know it was a lot of planning and hard work to get it up and running but you did it!

I look forward to what the next 10 years holds for this family in the meantime enjoy every day, we know how quickly time passes!

Helene in Between Blogtober
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