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Wednesday, October 01, 2014
Today is day one of the Blogtober challenge. Lucky me, I actually wrote a post like this before, here. Since I haven't won the lottery that list is still current! My husband and I are very humble people, we wouldn't let the money get to our heads. He is a big saver, so a lot of the money would go straight to savings, college funds would be plentiful, our families would share in our newfound wealth and first and foremost we would tithe.

Here is a summary from my first lottery post:

| One | Pay off our house, rent it out and buy a bigger house. I'm dreaming up a big master bathroom with a rain shower head, soaking tub and his and her sinks.

| Two | Buy an SUV. Having kids = so much stuff in the car. Our carseat alone takes up part of the middle seat and the stroller in the trunk makes for a fun game of Tetris when we make a Costco trip. I wouldn't mind driving a Range Rover.

| Three | Lavish vacation first class please to Paris or Fiji.

| Four | New wardrobe. I love shopping!

| Five | Open my own Montessori Preschool. That would be put on pause until my kids are older, lots of time and dedication.

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