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Thursday, October 02, 2014
When I was younger my first dream job was to work at a department store. I really wanted to be a cashier! As I got older I wanted to be a pediatrician not taking into consideration the emotional connection to my patients and the occasional blood which I do not have the stomach for. I went to college with my heart set on becoming and elementary school teacher. After I graduated I was ready to apply for the credential program only to find out that due to funding issues I would have to wait 6 months to start in the winter. Well, I didn't wait and quickly realized that teaching elementary age kids was not my passion. Preschool is where my heart is at!

So that brings me to my current dream job. Yesterday I told you if I won the lottery I would open a Montessori school, my dream job.

I L O V E the Montessori philosophy, have an insane passion for teaching and thoroughly enjoy creating curriculum. Having my own school would be amazing!

My current "job" as a stay at home mom is pretty awesome, I won't be opening a school anytime soon. In the meantime, M is going to be my one and only student in the at home preschool I'll be started in the near future. Time to start gathering materials and making some pins come to life :)

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