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Friday, October 03, 2014
Of course I cannot live without my family, friends, FOOD- quite literally but I just love it a lot and Jesus. But we are talking about one single thing so I narrowed it down. This is an easy one and I'm sure most would phone! It is so much more than a phone though, it is my camera, my e-reader, my way of keeping in touch with others.

Lets talk about pictures, I have literally thousands of pictures on my phone and have such a hard time deleting them, I know it's kind of ridiculous. There is a little part of me that feels so wrong deleting sweet newborn pictures of M to make space for new ones. Wanna know the most ridiculous part of this whole picture problem? I have them ALL backed up on my computer.

Since having M I have rediscovered the Kindle app and frequently rent e-book from our local library. It is so much more convenient than an actual book as I can take it with me anywhere and not have to lug around extra stuff. I also read lots of magazines on the Zinio app. No extra papers lying around my house? Perfect! Most of my blog reading is done right from my phone too.

Lastly the main purpose for the phone is keeping in touch. Texting is my main way of communicating unless you are willing to listen to my toddler running around or wait until nap time (he has not mastered the art of staying quiet when I'm on the phone. Is that even possible? If so I'd love to know your tips, kinda seems like the most chaos occurs when I'm on the phone-moving on....) My family loves getting pictures of M (and' we've come full circle) and I am a big lover of social media.

I know I could live without my phone, but I wouldn't want to!

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  1. This makes me want to get a kindle!!

  2. The app is amazing, I'm telling you you will read more!


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