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Friday, April 10, 2015

| o n e | I touched a goat! 

His "love" for goats is hilarious. He tells everyone about touching a goat in the petting zoo at our local zoo. Let pause for a moment and address everyone, when I say everyone I truly mean it. Cashiers at the grocery stores, our families, random people in the store who say hi, his friends, his friends moms...the list can go on. The funny thing is he is actually terrified of the goats, he talks about going to see them until we enter that area then he wants to be held and when he is ok being down and gets the courage to pet a goat it's with one finger and it's a one second ordeal. In his mind it was a huge accomplishment to share with the world.

| t w o | I tell me no!

This one gets me, he is just repeating what I say in his own way. I tell him" I said no" and in turn he tells me "I tell me no!" I refuse to argue with my two year old to stop him from saying this so I just accept he will repeat after me and (mostly) follow my instructions...oh tantrums! I'll leave my thoughts on these regular occurrences for another day. 

| t h r e e | Hold you mommy

His way of saying hold me. It's pretty sweet! I can't resist those hazel eyes and floppy arms at my belly asking to be held. 

| f o u r | I want cereal (pronounced SI-re-ALL)

We have a cereal obsession going on here. The boy requests cereal all the time, he eats it for breakfast daily (by choice) and has to have a cup of dry cereal to munch on while I get ready if we're leaving he house. When he wakes up from his nap he needs more cereal. On Saturday he had a full on tantrum because we ran out of cereal and were on our way out to buy some at Costco. He was so angry/heartbroken that we couldn't fill his snack cup with more and let us know about it toddler style. 

| f i v e | I do it/hold it...

Mr. Independent would like to do things on his own 95% of the time. It so bittersweet watching him become more independent, my baby is truly growing into a little boy. 

What phrases does your toddler say?

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6 comments on "Things My Toddler Says"
  1. Oh my goodness "I tell me no!" - that's hilarious! We're still in the babbling stages (and will be for a while I'm sure, haha), but I really look forward to the day my son starts talking.

  2. The goat thing is hilarious! I would imagine that if it does scare him that getting the courage to touch it with one finger is a huge accomplishment for him! Totally worthy of telling everyone... Including the cashier ;).

  3. It's pretty hard not to laugh when he says it! It is pretty fun when they start to talk, you are going to laugh a lot :)

  4. So true! It gets funnier every time too because the look I get from people like ooh ok.

  5. Thank you, too funny that they fear something they love so much.

  6. So cute! I love this! I love hearing the way kids say things. That goat thing is too funny!

    Thanks for linking up to the Saturday Spotlight! :)


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